2020 will be reminded as a year of crisis and of profound stress on our economical and social models, and also as the foundation of new challenges and new approaches, heralding the coming « new normal ». We are now entering, with some delay, into the 21st century, and more than ever business leaders and managers measure the value of independent external support and advice to make better decisions and manage the business or social entity they have in charge.

GUERVEUR CONSEIL was born from this observation. It aims at providing robust support to management, by building upon accumulated experience of its team, and on its ability to engage teams or individuals, to listen and to drive change.

The name of the consultancy was not chosen randomly. It is, first of all, the breton name of an island off the coast of Brittany, Belle-Ile-en-mer. It is also the name of an iconic passenger ferry delivering the lifeline service to this island for many years. Its design was, in its time, a breakthrough innovation as compared to the previous generation of ferries, adapted to the new challenges and the new demands of her passengers.